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“I was a scout from grade school (approx. 1954) until I graduated from high school (1965).  I had many camping trips and enjoyed the various field trips we had taken.  In senior scouting I was involved with girls from another community and it really broadened my horizons about other personalities and commonalities (not so parochial in the thinking!).  We had a group that centered around horses and one of the girls had polio.  It never stopped her from being the best.  I met up with her years later and she was still the same virbrant personality.  I think that’s the best we can hope for all the girls, is that they don’t prejudge anyone.”
-Joan M., Pittsburg, PA

The Girl Scout Museum was opened to preserve the history and culture of Girl Scouts. As Girl Scouts approaches its 100th year, it seems more important than ever to remember our past as we prepare for the future. We are very pleased to offer our exhibits to you and hope you will always remember why Girl Scouts is here – to empower girls to make the world a better place.

We are accepting donations of Girl Scout items for display. We are also looking for pictures of girls in Girl Scout related activities and stories of how Girl Scouts has influenced your life. Please help us grow our museum by sending us your photos, stories and items for the world to enjoy.

We are currently accepting cash donations for a new display case. Please donate via paypal with the donate button on the right sidebar.

Some recent donations to the museum (thank you to all those that contributed):

Treasures from Little Rock, Arkansas

Some great items from the 1920's

A 1947 calendar sent from Redding, CA

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